Traumatic Stress Management

Traumatic Stress Management

Trauma brings in stress reactions in which behavioral health of a patient goes for a toss. The reactions often are complicated like confusion, anxiety, agitation and dissociation among others. As a result, most likely treatment engagement plan deviates. This is where, the affected patients need coping strategies and social support, which is ably provided at Alzheimer's care Los Angeles, with the anticipation of coming out of emotional extremes.

Our effort is to regulate their emotions without resorting to unsafe behavior. We have a proven scientific approach to ensure that trauma patients would start tolerating distressing emotions in the time-bound period.

On the basis of stress, we develop applicable cognitive restructuring methodology and implement eye movement desensitization approach involving exposure therapy, if required. Stress management tactics varies from one patient to another. It depends on the severity of stress and the resultant reaction. Apart from psychological symptoms our professional monitor physical disorder like invariable sleep patterns, musculoskeletal, urological problems, and cardiovascular disorders.

Whatever may be the kind of stress and its severity, the patient would respond resiliently with coordinated effort of skilled and competent professionals obliged to serve at memory care center, Los Angeles.

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