Nursing Home for Dementia

Nursing Home for Dementia

Mental health is a contributor to burden of disease and disability. At any given point of time, one quarter of the people are affected with mental and behavior disorder. This reflects that psychiatrists and social workers are hugely needed but their access is a matter of concern among dementia community. Thus to alleviate the tension of getting proper care, dementia center Los Angeles has made an initiative to look into the magnitude of mental health.

In certain cases, urgent attention is required for people living on the streets, women exposed to domestic violence including accident trauma, which eventually take them to anxiety and depression. Therefore, it is vital that they get proper care under the aegis of skilled nurses and neuro surgeons. To address the issue of mental health, our skilled care professionals approach in multi-faceted manner. One hand, the effort is to deal with medico-biological issue while providing psycho-social support. Apart from treatment, dementia patients are counseled and given advice for proper care. At rehabilitation centre Los Angeles, one can expect our professionals work with these people in different capacities such as at government level, at hospital level including issue-based intervention. Be it prevention or diagnosis

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