Nursing Care Processes

Nursing Care Processes

Nursing Care Process involves a lot of organization. Our approach of providing care in the patient center is given through our detailed practice. When it comes to taking an organized approach at nursing facilities in Los Angeles, our staff follows three protocol steps to practice the nursing care process. The first step is assessment. This step is where data is collected from the patient and caregiver if any. The information collected relates to vital signs, height, weight, etc.

The second step is a diagnosis. This is where our skilled nurses play a critical role in making clinical judgment containing health problems faced by patients including their psychological needs.

Planning is the third step. This is where our staff and nurses discuss a personalized care to a realistic outcome, now we follow up by putting our plan into effect. These steps are rigorously practiced at the wellness center with the sole intention of providing safe and manageable care as far as nursing care processes are concerned.

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