Medication Safety

Medication Safety

Proactive medication surveillance is the need of the hour for an in-house patient in any healthcare facility. The principle of surveillance at comfort care center revolves around epidemiologic methods to identify the adverse outcome of the medication. The reason, administering medications is a part of daily activity, where we make sure there is no administration error as basics of the medication has been followed at restorative nurse assistant. In this regard, we verify the medication order, check medical records of affected patients and educate them as well.

Again, we remain alert if the patient is prone to high-risk. Familiarity with antidotes and coordination with rescue people further strengthens the purpose of medication safety even in an emergency situation. The success rate of our nursing facility could be attributed to some additional proactive measures that we undertake like clear identification for medication having identical names, monitor the medicines which are not usually prescribed, and care of patients allergic to specific medications. The benefits accruing out of it are effective aliment management and improved outcome.

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